Crime Scene Cleanup Services In San Antonio, Texas

The Importance of Professional Cleanup

A location that has experienced a violent crime or trauma event will be contaminated with various degrees of biological and fluid hazards. These materials can expose individuals to blood-borne diseases including Hepatitis or HIV. Caution must be used when cleaning and decontaminating affected locations. Our staff understands these risks and are trained to meet OSHA, state, and federal regulations when handling and disposing of any biological or hazardous materials.

Even seasoned professionals may experience emotional, mental, and physical fatigue when dealing with crime and trauma scenes. This is why we never suggest that a property owner should perform these dangerous and difficult tasks. In fact, it is considered a serious violation to ask a worker to clean these locations without proper OSHA training.

Crime And Trauma Cleanup

San Antonio Crime Scene Cleanup offers cleaning and decontamination services at crime and trauma locations. This can include single or multiple homicides, motor vehicle accidents, sexual assaults, and violent assault scenes.

Once a crime or trauma scene is discovered, first responders are called in. Once the scene is secured, detectives will examine the area before releasing the site to the property owner. At this stage, it becomes the responsibility of the owner to clean the location.

Suicide Cleanup

We also provide services for locations of suicides and murder/suicides. These sites can be some of the most emotionally taxing locations to work on, and our staff is trained for the job. Crews will arrive in unmarked vehicles to avoid drawing attention. Our staff is trained to avoid actions that will cause public scrutiny and we guarantee full confidentiality.

Unattended Death/Decomposition Cleanup

Cleaning and remediation can be easy or difficult, depending upon the length of time the deceased was on site. Biological materials, fluids, and strong odors can be troublesome. Our services are designed to remove all of these sources of contamination.

A General Overview

Our staff will arrive on location and perform a walkthrough in order to get a working estimate. Once the terms are agreed upon, we can take private payment or work with your homeowner/property insurance to secure payment. The cleaning crew will begin by removing items that cannot be cleaned or restored. Affected areas are cleaned with industrial cleaners and deodorizers until all unwanted materials and smells are removed.

We are licensed to move bio-hazardous and biological materials, and these are disposed of legally following all state and federal regulations.

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